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IP Valuation for the Future: Trends, Techniques, and Case Studies

This is an invaluable and timely resource for attorneys who need a basic grounding in the principles and financial standards of intellectual property valuation, and who will also benefit from a basic review of the core attributes, categories and permutations of the various intellectual properties. This book’s straightforward discussion is also useful for bankers, financial professionals, and venture capitalists who want a better understanding of the basic legal framework and current trends affecting intellectual property, litigation, legislation, and categorization of new forms of IP and related intangible assets.

Right of Publicity: Analysis, Valuation, and the Law

Right of publicity is multi-faceted, complex, and continuing to evolve. Right of Publicity: Analysis, Valuation and the Law is a unique book that brings together two truly unique phenomena: the legal aspects of the rights of publicity, which are increasingly talked about, utilized, expanded and litigated. The second is cultural and business based, the rapid growth of celebrity branding via licensing, promotion, merchandising, and endorsement.

As a result of these trends, right of publicity is one of the fastest growing areas of intellectual property law, marketing and branding, and licensing, merchandising, endorsements, and promotion. Right of Publicity by nationally known author and valuation expert Weston Anson is a valuable resource for understanding and applying the important method of valuing rights of publicity and celebrity brands while also providing guidance in striking stronger and more lucrative deals. It is a clear and accessible examination of the topic-designed to appeal to legal advisors, business and talent managers, and celebrities themselves.

Expert Witnesses, Valuation, & Damages

Expert Witnesses, Valuation and Damages, discusses how to best use experts, when to hire them, how to find good ones, and how to test whether they have adequate knowledge…




IP Valuation and Management

An easy-to-use, concisely thorough reference, IP Valuation and Management delves into how intellectual property is defined, grouped, valued, managed and monetized. It provides resourceful information on identifying intellectual property experts, IP organizations and support groups, as well as publications and sources for finding related research…

The Intangible Assets Handbook

This handbook is intended as a useful document for intangible asset management inquiries, with a special emphasis on licensing, transaction due diligence and bankruptcy…



Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation

This primer, written by experts in the area, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about identifying the value of the primary types of intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets…



Intellectual Property and Brand Value in China

The Intellectual Property Publishing Company of China (IPPC) has published a special edition of the Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation, adapted specifically for the Chinese market by Weston Anson, Chairman of CONSOR Intellectual Asset Management…



The Attorney's Guide To The Business Mind

Law school prepares students to be lawyers, but once they reach the real world, new attorneys often find they lack needed business knowledge. Not only are they uninformed about the management of their firms, but they are also unprepared to understand the needs of business clients…




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