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Since the commencement of CONSOR and its predecessor firm, TLA, our core specialty has been the licensing, leveraging, and valuation of trademarks, brands, patents, copyrights, and other IP. We use intellectual property licensing as the ability to maximize the value of IP and intangible assets, using our proprietary licensing techniques and skills.

We provide expertise on the licensing of all types of intellectual assets ranging from celebrities to portfolios of copyrighted material, and from patents and technologies to trademarks and corporate brands. Our goal is to minimize risk while maximizing value over the long term. Beyond licensing, leveraging may also take the form of selling, joint ventures, co-branding, or even mergers. CONSOR offers a variety of services to accommodate a wide range of IP licensing and leveraging needs, including:

Brand Development and Licensing Alignment

Our expertise in brand development and positioning is often employed by corporations and other entities that desire to expand their brand and revenues through licensing. Our Licensing Alignment service helps to identify and balance the licensor’s marketing objectives with the licensee’s business objectives to maximize the value of any licensing relationship.

Licensing Strategy and Negotiation Support

CONSOR offers extensive services in developing, securing and implementing licensing strategies to leverage IP to maximum effectiveness, whether through traditional licensing, brand extension, co-branding, endorsements or other licensing avenues. CONSOR offers a full array of licensing and merchandising services, including customs and practices advising, strategy optimization, implementation and licensee management, controls and procedures development, among others.

Royalty Rate Services

CONSOR has negotiated and/or analyzed thousands of license agreements, which has put us in the position to quickly recognize opportunities and pitfalls within the financial structuring of license agreements. CONSOR handles negotiations to arrive at royalty rates and minimum guarantees that are most beneficial to the client, while remaining true to competitive market forces and relative strength positions.

Licensing Implementation

Our expertise with both licensors and licensees has put us in a position to implement new licensing programs and maintain existing programs. CONSOR is an experienced licensing agent that works with licensable intellectual property from the inception and planning stage, to the implementation stage of finding the best licensee, to the administration stage of royalty collection and reporting stage, and at each step in between.