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IP Valuation

As an independent intellectual property valuation firm, valuation is a core practice area for CONSOR. For more than 30 years, we have been valuing the full spectrum of intellectual property for clients as diverse as IBM, the Estate of Dr. Seuss, Xerox, and

Valuation Assignments

  • Valuing the trademark and rights of publicity for a world famous sports celebrity involved in trademark infringement litigation.
  • Valuing the assets contained within a group of online copyrighted visual materials for a global software giant for mediation.
  • Valuing the database and a proprietary numbering and inventory system for an automotive manufacturer in anticipation of a transaction.
  • Valuing the software and IT assets of a major retailer in preparation for sale and subsequent auction in a corporate reorganization.
  • Valuing the patent portfolio, trade secrets, and software systems for a global components manufacturer to establish a price in an arms’-length sale of the intangible asset portfolio.

The proprietary data controlled by CONSOR related to intellectual property valuation is unmatched. For more than two decades, the firm has been accumulating and organizing information and data related to trademarks, patents and copyrights and the royalty rates, values and transaction prices of those assets. Both current and historical data is available not only from our private resources, but also from public databases. Whether establishing royalty rates for trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights, artwork, character or other intellectual property, or whether establishing value for these same assets, CONSOR provides the research and data necessary. We reach into a variety of sources to establish marketplace royalty rates and comparable values, including:

  • Our proprietary index of more than 13,000 transactions
  • Public document research on royalty rates and intellectual property valuation and transaction values
  • Access to professional intellectual property associations and their data resources
  • Data collection from linkage and affiliations
  • The years of knowledge and experience provided by our expert staff in the fields of brand, copyright, trademark and patent valuation and licensing

As intellectual property experts, our goal is to identify the fairest and most realistic method to calculate value. We believe that value must be based on market conditions, and any valuation should adapt itself to today’s global and economic realities. It is also important that valuation methods are responsive to the rapidly changing environment in many industries. CONSOR is dedicated to helping clients establish and build the value of their intellectual property and intangible asset base, while minimizing risk and uncertainty.