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Lacy J. Lodes Named CONSOR Licensing Director

CONSOR Intellectual Asset Management has named Lacy J. Lodes, Esq. to the position of Licensing Director. The move is a direct result of the success of CONSOR’s Licensing Department. CONSOR’s roots can be traced back to the licensing industry when Chairman Weston Anson and CEO Susan Bailey formed CONSOR’s predecessor firm Marketing/Trademark Consultants, Inc.

Ms. Lodes licensing expertise hails from her years managing intellectual property portfolios for Power Balance, and Upper Deck. Once at CONSOR, Ms. Lodes continued to concentrate on clients’ licensing concerns and strategy, as well as other intellectual property related issues. She continues to be an active member of the legal profession, and regularly participates as a guest speaker for various licensing and intellectual property topics. Topics have recently included “Social Media: Opportunity or Minefield?” and “Licensing and Valuation.”

CONSOR itself can claim over a century of combined licensing experience with Weston Anson’s tenure at Booz Allen Hamilton, and then as head of licensing at Playboy Enterprises and Hang Ten International. Along with Susan Bailey, CONSOR’s many associates bring forth their additional licensing knowledge from varied industries.

CONSOR offers full service licensing consulting from analysis, to implementation, to enforcement via litigation support. The balanced approach provided by CONSOR provides proper focus for licensed properties. And as all the CONSOR associates build upon their combined licensing experience, the firm continues to be at the forefront of developing and implementing leading licensing strategies.

Lacy J. Lodes, Licensing Director at CONSOR, believes the licensing services CONSOR provides “creates success in the marketplace by understanding the needs of the licensor, the licensee, and the consumer. The consumer marketplace becomes increasingly complicated through the combination of traditional marketing, applications and other DTC programs, and social media platforms. CONSOR stays ahead of trends to ensure clients are not left behind in the licensing race.”