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IP litigation is becoming more common as the value and importance of intellectual property grows and as the laws governing intellectual property become increasingly complex. CONSOR offers a variety of services to accommodate a wide range of IP litigation needs, including:

Expert Witness Services

Our qualified experts provide intensive analysis, written reports and testimony regarding a wide range of business and intellectual property issues, including all types of intellectual property infringement.

Intellectual Property Valuation and Damages Analysis

CONSOR possesses exceptional experience assessing damages in intellectual property litigation for a wide range of industries. We apply traditional and proprietary valuation methodologies to arrive at valuation and damages conclusions that are accepted under the current laws and financial regulations.

Infringement and Confusion Analysis

CONSOR works with survey data as well as with a simple yet sophisticated technique, called the confusion measurement matrix analysis, which analyzes all the business and marketplace issues affecting a confusion case.

Customs and Practices Expertise

We advise on practical, market-based business issues and on the customs and practices, management and licensing of intellectual property, as well as issues involved in the disposition of intellectual property.

Bankruptcy and Disposition Support

Our expertise is utilized in bankruptcy and reorganization where intellectual property is an important component of value, and in inter-company transfer situations where assets are being moved from one entity to another and must be done so at market value.

Our areas of expertise cover all types of IP and intangible assets that can be the subject of litigation, including:

  • Patents & Technology
  • Trademark & Corporate Brand Assets
  • Sports & Events Licensing
  • Celebrities & Publicity Rights
  • Copyrights, Media & Entertainment Assets
  • Estate & Tax-Related Issues

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